We’ve all been there – wrestling with that bulky Cosco high chair trying to figure out how to fold it flat for storage or travel. As a parent, I’ve faced off against that thing more times than I can count. But after plenty of frustrated attempts, I’ve finally cracked the code on making it cooperatively collapse!

So whether you’re stowing it away in the corner when guests come over or trying to jam it into your trunk for a weekend trip to grandma’s, read on for my hard-earned tips on taming the beast. Trust me, soon you’ll be folding and unfolding that chair seamlessly one-handed while wrangling kids with the other!

Choose Your Weapon Wisely
Before going into battle, make sure you have the right tools for the job. For folding a Cosco high chair I recommend:

• No kids in the chair! Set them safely aside before attempting any folding.

• A phillips head screwdriver – you’ll often have to remove the tray first.

• Elbow grease – it can take some muscle!

Tips for Different Cosco Models
Not all Cosco chairs fold the same, so here are some model-specific tips:

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

• Unclip and remove tray first
• Release upper back lock
• Push in side buttons and guide to folded position

Cosco Slim Fold High Chair

• Rotate tray upwards
• Release upper back lock
• Push front legs inwards until folded

Cosco Easy Elite Folding Chair

• The tray is attached – no need to remove!
• Extend the rear legs out
• Push down on seat until front legs slide in

No matter what style Cosco chair you have, be sure to follow these next tips for smooth and easy folding every time!

The Failproof Folding Method

Once you’re prepped with the right tools and know how your specific Cosco model works, follow these simple steps:

  1. Clear the Chair
    Always remove any kids from the chair before attempting to fold it! Then take off the tray if needed. Having it empty and tray-free makes a huge difference.
  2. Identify Locks
    Look for sliders, switches, buttons or clips that lock the chair in the unfolded position. Releasing these is step one to folding.
  3. Extend the Pieces
    Many Cosco chairs have extendable parts like legs or a collapsible back. Pull these pieces out into their fully extended position before folding.
  4. Disconnect the Sides
    There are often removable bars or connectors that link the two sides of the frame. Undo these before the next step.
  5. Push It Flat
    Here comes the muscle! With all locks released and parts extended, bear down on the seat to push the sides inwards until the chair folds flat.
  6. Lock It Up
    Finally, engage whatever slider/switch/clip locks the chair securely in the folded position so it stays compact.

And voila – that beastly chair is now tamed! With practice these steps become second nature, allowing stress-free storage and portability. No more wrestling matches required.

Troubleshooting Tricks
Of course with complex chairs, issues can pop up. Try these quick troubleshooting tricks if you encounter problems:

  • Re-check all lock releases – make sure nothing is still engaged restricting movement
  • Remove the tray fully and store separately if it’s inhibiting folding
  • Extend all legs/back bars to their fullest so they fold inward more easily
  • Push HARDER! These chairs can take muscle to overcome their bulky weight

One Last Push

I definitely recall frustrations and choice words in my own struggles learning to manage that unruly high chair. But by following these folding tips, you’ll have that bulky chair collapsed in no time!

So take a deep breath mama, give it one last push, and then reward yourself with a glass of wine for conquering that beast once and for all! Here’s to fewer headaches and easier storage thanks to a smoothly folding Cosco kid chair. Cheers!

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